My Values:

I'm here for the people of Alabama because I'm one of you, and my campaign is about bringing the Office of the Attorney General, and all of our government, back home to the people of this State where it belongs.


I'm Joseph Siegelman, and I'm running to be the next Attorney General of Alabama

From a young age, my family taught me that public service and the common good come first -- and that's why I'm running for Attorney General of Alabama. 

I am a lifelong Alabamian, born and raised. I attended the University of Alabama as an undergraduate and received my law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law. 

As an active member of the Alabama State Bar and Managing Partner in The Cochran Firm's Birmingham office, I've worked tirelessly to achieve justice for those who deserve it -- and I look forward to doing the same for the people of Alabama. 

Here's my promise to you -- as Attorney General of Alabama, I promise to always put the people of Alabama first, ahead of Montgomery politics and special interests. Because it's time to bring our government back home to the people this state belongs to.

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