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Anniston Star Editorial Board Endorsement: The Choice for Alabama Attorney General

Siegelman, the son of former Gov. Don Siegelman, is young — he’s a 30-year-old civil rights attorney — and a first-time candidate. But his healthy obsession with injecting political independence into the attorney general’s office isn’t only a noble approach. It’s needed. His “people, not politics” mindset about the state’s top law-enforcement position is the stance this invaluable position in state government should take. Among other things, the timing of Marshall’s appointment and the valid questions surrounding that three-quarters of a million dollars in campaign donations taints his bid to retain his office.

The Star’s editorial board recommends Joe Siegelman.

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Times Daily endorses Joe Siegelman for attorney general

What Alabama most needs is an attorney general who will continue rooting out corruption. We do not believe in visiting the sins of the father on the son, and the younger Siegelman gives the state the better chance at a fresh start.

The TimesDaily recommends Joseph Siegelman for attorney general.

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Alabama has long been plagued by political corruption, but the past several years have seen it become epidemic, with several top state leaders forced from office after criminal convictions…

What Alabama most needs is an attorney general who will continue rooting out corruption. We do not believe in visiting the sins of the father on the son, and the younger Siegelman gives the state the better chance at a fresh start.

The Daily recommends Joseph Siegelman for attorney general.

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Democratic Attorney Generals Association endorses Joe Siegelman for attorney general

Following the Democratic primary, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) endorsed Joe Siegelman for Alabama Attorney General.

“We are proud to endorse Joe Siegelman for Attorney General in Alabama,” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “There is an urgency for new leadership in Montgomery—and that fresh start is Joe Siegelman.”

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The Democratic Attorneys General Association Supports Joe Siegelman for Alabama Attorney General

"I'm honored to have the support of so many Attorneys General from across the country. They join in my campaign to focus on issues that impact the lives of everyday people and to get politics out of that office.

It doesn't matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, to be Attorney General you have to be independent and treat everyone the same. Once and for all it will be about People, not Politics."

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Alabama attorney general race: joe siegelman wants voters to get to know joe

"When asked why he's running for the Attorney General's office, Siegelman said:  'I view the Attorney General's office as a non-political office. And I still don't like politics and I don't know that I ever will.  I think this is the one office where if you have a D beside your name or an R beside your name it shouldn't matter because to do this job right you have to be an independent.'"

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Joseph Siegelman takes the Democratic primary for Attorney General, moving on to the general election

"The voters of Alabama have chosen Joseph Siegelman in the Democratic primary race for attorney general. Siegelman will now face off against a Republican opponent on November 6."

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Here's everyone the alabama new south alliance has endorsed in the 2018 election cycle (article) - Alabama today, 6/4/2018

"After hearing from statewide, congressional, legislative, and multi-county candidates, ANSA made their endorsements for the June 5 primary ... the candidates who they believe will best promote 'progressive' ideals and legislation while in office:"

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Statement from Joe Siegelman regarding Lilly Ledbetter's endorsement and Joe's platform for women's rights in the workplace:

"Lilly Ledbetter's personal sacrifice in pursuit of justice for women in the workplace has lifted us all up and Alabama is lucky to call Ms. Ledbetter one of our own. I take great pride in having her endorsement, and I promise her and all women in Alabama that I will honor it."

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"Lilly Ledbetter, the Alabama-native and namesake of former President Barack Obama‘s first piece of legislation signed into law back in 2009, endorsed the Birmingham civil rights attorney and the son of former Governor Don Siegelman on Wednesday."

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"Harassment and unequal treatment of women in the workplace violate the core American values of opportunity and equality. If current trends continue, women in Alabama will not see equal pay until the year 2088. Joseph Siegelman is committed to equal employment rights for women, and he is the candidate we can trust to follow through with enforcing the law."

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Two Birmingham lawyers vying for state attorney general's office in June 5 Democratic primary -, 5/29/2018

"I'm going to be focused on issues such as tackling this opioid epidemic that seems to be getting worse every day, and making sure that our communities, especially our schools, are safe." / Read Full Article


Letter to the Editor: 'Alabama is facing a political crisis' - Opelika Observer, 5/23/2018

"For nearly 20 years, the Attorney General’s Office has been used as a political tool to help friends and hurt enemies. Alabama’s Attorney’s Generals have spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars promoting their own personal political agendas or scoring points for their party, and not for people. The Office has not been governed by and for the people of this State, as it’s supposed to be." 

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Joseph Siegelman seeks independence in campaign for AG - Montgomery Advertiser, 5/27/2018

“One of my principal motivations is to get any kind of politics, any kind of political motivations out of that office. Make sure we’re focusing on the issues that affect people. And we’ve got a lot of them.”

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"After careful consideration of the candidates running for the state attorney general's office, the Bullock County Voters League announced today their endorsement of Birmingham attorney Joseph "Joe" Siegelman for Attorney General of Alabama. Joe Siegelman is the managing partner of the Cochran Firm and the son of former Alabama governor Don Siegelman." 

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"I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Lee County Voters League and the Alabama New South Alliance because these endorsements highlight the importance of removing impediments to voter registration in the State of Alabama in order to ensure that all Alabamians have fair and equal access to the electoral process." 

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HIS OWN MAN - B-Metro Magazine, 4/3/2018

"Joseph Siegelman may come with a pedigree in politics, but he is here to forge his own path."

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Bham attorney Joseph Siegelman joins Democratic ticket for attorney general - Birmingham Business Journal, 2/9/2018

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